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Position Title: Bond Investigator
Location: CVCSCD-CCF/Bryant Blvd
Job Type: Full-Time
Work Shift:
Salary: $40,547.00
Open: September 20, 2022

This position is responsible for providing information gathering, investigative and defendant supervision services to all adult courts within Tom Green County. This position reports their findings to the court, in both written and oral form, to assist judges in setting appropriate bail, or in taking corrective action to revoke or amend a previously set bail bond.

This position works under the general supervision of the AIC Supervisor subject to the outline of procedures by the CSCD director. This position works within a reasonable degree of latitude for independent judgement and action in the performance of duties.


The functions listed below are descriptive and typical of the tasks required but are not intended to be complete or exclusive of this position.

  • Conducts interviews within restricted and confined areas of the Tom Green County jail facilities on all newly arrested and unsentenced inmates booked into the jail
  • Enters all criminal history information into Risk Assessment, performs risk assessment, and provides assessment summary with interview packet to the presiding judicial officer
  • Verifies information obtained during interviews and further investigates all aspects of the defendant and charge which are relevant to setting of bail
  • Submits bail information reports to the courts which contain a summary of defendant based information, release options, and a bail recommendation.
  • Assists in identifying who might be eligible for some form of diversion from prosecutions (Felony Drug Court, Mental Health Jail Diversion)
  • Prepares follow-up reports containing updated information on all cases whenever the topic of bail is being considered at a formal court hearing or motion
  • Provides casework supervision services (including urinalysis drug testing) to the courts on all defendants released on a “Conditional Release” basis.
  • Works closely with the courts, police, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in an effort to maximize defendant release without increasing the risk to the community or flight to avoid prosecution.
  • Performs related work as required


  • The equivalency of an associate’s degree in criminal justice or closely related field is required.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred but not required.
  • The equivalent of two years of client supervision or casework related duties dealing with dysfunctional populations of six months prior work experience in a pretrial service program.
  • Thorough knowledge of legal terminology and the various stages of criminal case processing.
  • Knowledge of the criminal sentencing process and sanctions normally imposed for various crimes
  • Knowledge of, and ability to use, higher level interviewing and investigation techniques in the collection of bail related information
  • A working knowledge of the various community based treatment based program in the Tom Green County area which could address the needs of defendants and serve as an option to pretrial incarceration
  • Ability to interview and communicate effectively with persons of diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to report to the courts both orally and in written form.  Must be able to use a keyboard and software programs.
  • Ability to react and move quickly and defensively within the secured areas of a detention facility should an emergency occur
  • Must provide and maintain a valid Texas driver license and access to transportation


  • Ability to sit for long periods of time verifying information over the phone, conducting interviews with clients and preparing bail information reports for court review.
  • Ability to read and understand police reports, court files, and computer screens
  • Ability to articulate information clearly during oral investigations and during court presentations
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time interviewing clients
  • Ability to lift 10 lb. files


  • Previous experience in a criminal justice environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of the goals and objectives of pretrial services and the court rules governing pretrial release