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Position Title: Bond Supervision Officer
Location: CVCSCD-CCF/Bryant Blvd
Job Type: Full-Time
Work Shift:
Salary: $36,854.00

The Bond Supervision Officer works under the guidance of a unit supervisor.  Under the direction of the supervisor, the officer will manage a caseload of offenders who are placed on Pre-Trial Supervision by the district and county courts (county courts-at-law) in the seven county region encompassed by this department.  To enhance public safety, the Officer will present and enforce the conditions of supervision issued to the offenders by the Court; address the needs of the offenders through the utilization of community resources; and make opportunities available to offenders to improve their ability to maintain a crime free, productive life style. This position is also responsible for providing field services, which includes field contacts with probationers and sentenced offenders, substance abuse testing and other assigned tasks as outlined.


Maintains a caseload of offenders released on Personal Recognizance Bond, assigned to the Community Housing Alternative Program (CHAP) or Community Housing Extended Curfew (CHEC) by the County or District Judges.


  1. Monitor offender’s compliance with court ordered conditions, curfew, employment/address verification, house arrest, electronic monitoring, and other special conditions.
  2. Enforces all conditions of supervision placed on offenders by the courts, and uses appropriate intermediate sanctions to assist defendants, to gain compliance, and to change behavior.
  3. Makes appropriate chronological entries and completes written reports in a timely manner using good written communication skills. (Including but not limited to office visits, jail visits, field visits, field contacts, substance abuse testing, violations of the conditions of program/release.)
  4. Maintains case files and documentation on all contacts with offenders and others.
  5. Conducts field visits at offenders’ place of residence, employment, or confinement in accordance with the department and CJAD standards for purposes of evaluation and supervision.
  6. Collects specimens from offenders as ordered by the court for urinalysis or breathalyzer screening to detect the use of alcohol or other drugs.
  7. Ensures offenders pay court-ordered obligations and addresses delinquencies in appropriate ways.
  8. Interviews, screens and assesses offenders as required to determine an appropriate level of supervision, and to develop appropriate strategies for supervision.
  9. Notify appropriate personnel of violations of the conditions of probation/release.
  10. Respond to electronic monitoring notifications of unauthorized exits.
  11. May be required to provide expert testimony and recommendations at court hearings.
  12. Drive and maintain departmental vehicles.
  13. Conducts self in a professional manner with colleagues in the criminal justice system, with offenders, with victims, and with the public.
  14. Complies with the TDCJ-CJAD Code of Ethics.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  • Have acquired a High School Diploma or GED, two years of college is preferred.
  • Preferred one year of experience in full-time casework, counseling, community corrections or an agency that deals with offenders or disadvantaged persons and that is determined to provide the kind of experience needed to meet this requirement.
  • Cannot be currently on community supervision or parole or serving a sentence for a criminal offense.  Persons with past convictions or criminal justice supervision will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with standards established by the Community Justice Assistance Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
  • Have the ability to utilize a personal computer.
  • Be able to work independently and efficiently.
  • Possess skills to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to be on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Working knowledge of the principles and techniques of correctional and social work
  • Working knowledge of the Texas Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Working knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, departmental policy and procedures, as well as techniques involved in the preparation and care of case records and related documents
  • An understanding of human behavioral patterns; and the ability to apply good judgment to problems of individuals
  • Ability to establish and maintain satisfactory and professional relationships with fellow employees, supervisory and administrative personnel, the general public, and other agencies and departments with whom we work
  • Ability to project and maintain an image consistent with the aims, goals and philosophy of the Concho Valley Community Supervision and Corrections Department
  • Ability to effectively and consistently communicate the mission and philosophy of the department
  • Ability to assess the needs of individual offenders, and refer them to and involve them in the appropriate agency or service
  • Ability to make rational, justifiable decisions
  • Ability to take direction and critique from supervisory and administrative personnel
  • Ability to follow the philosophy, policies, procedures and directives of the Concho Valley Community Supervision and Corrections Department



  • Must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License (if employee is coming to this position from another state, this requirement must be met no later than thirty days following date of employment)
  • Must have a telephone number at which they can be reached
  • Must have the appropriate automobile insurance