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Position Title: Unit Supervisor – Special Programs
Location: CVCSCD-CCF/Bryant Blvd
Job Type: Full-Time
Work Shift:
Salary: $54,188.00

The Unit Supervisor for Special Program works under the general supervision of the Assistant Executive Director and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing all administrative and procedural functions of the department.  Performs supervisory duties over the special programs unit, establishes operating procedures specific to the following areas: technical revocation sanction responses, risk based supervision strategies, and sound utilization of programs.  The goal of this unit is to provide effective intervention, and coordination of supervision for low-moderate to high risk substance abuse offenders on a continuum basis to avoid revocation.


Performs random internal caseload audits to ensure compliance with standards and conducts performance evaluations on employees.  Schedules leave for staff, ensuring adequate staffing at all times.  Reviews end of month State Reports and violation reports/MTRs prior to submission to District/County Attorneys.  Assists with the interviewing of potential new employees as needed.


  1. Fully supervises and is fully responsible for employees, staff as assigned by Assistant Executive Director.
  2. Performs random internal caseload audits to ensure compliance with CJAD and Department standards.
  3. Schedules employee’s work and off duty time appropriately.
  4. Provides training and instruction to subordinate employees.
  5. Evaluates and counsels subordinate employees.
  6. Handles internal problems of procedures that do not require the attention of the Executive Director or Assistant Executive Director.
  7. Responsible for implementing appropriate, effective, and acceptable sanctions to address technical or subsequent law violations in lieu of revocation in accordance with Department procedure and standards.
  8. Appears in Court for sentencing, revocations, and other such times as required by the Court or directed by the Department.
  9. Carries out supervision goals and objectives established by the Department, the Court, and CJAD.
  10. Reviews violation reports prior to submission to District Attorney and District Judge.
  11. Reviews MTR’s prior to submission to County Attorney.
  12. Reviews and endorses amendments to Conditions of Community Supervision.
  13. Reviews and approves bookkeeping requests for purposes of assessing, adjusting, crediting, or refunding fees.
  14. Reviews end of the month State Reports to ensure technical compliance with CJAD.
  15. Assists with the interviewing of potential new employees as needed.
  16. Coordinates and distributes workload among the unit personnel.
  17. Completes documentation in an accurate and timely manner.
  18. Monitors bi-weekly monthly timesheets for unit employees and submits to Human
  19. Resources for auditing and record keeping.
  20. Attends meetings as coordinated by Assistant Executive Director and Director.
  21. Screens referrals for in-house services and programs
  22. Collects, verifies and processes documents for early release consideration.
  23. Reports assessments of CSO’s work ability and personal matters including performance evaluations to Assistant Executive Director
  24. Documents and/or communicated administrative and personnel problems to the Executive Director/Assistant Executive Director as well as corrective actions taken.
  25. Effectively and efficiently plans, coordinates, and directs the overall special program for the social readjustment and rehabilitation of offenders within a correctional or other t setting.
  26. Effectively and efficiently develops and implements special program supervision policies and procedures relating to supervision aspects of low moderate to high risk offenders.
  27. Assigns, reviews, and evaluates the work of unit staff to ensure that work is performed according to agency and special program policies and procedures.
  28. Participates in case conferences with team members to review rehabilitation plans and goals.
  29. Provides technical assistance and guidance to staff to assist them in developing and implementing rehabilitation plans.
  30. Evaluates and monitors quality of the unit’s effectiveness utilizing programs, therapies, and/or activities;
  31. Confers with public, private, and community organizations and agencies providing services to individuals to effectively coordinate referrals and services for defendants.
  32. Compiles information and prepares reports on unit activities.
  33. Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Assistant Executive Director.


  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a Community Supervision Officer (CSO), Parole Officer, or related experience; or 3 years of experience commensurate with a Master’s Degree.
  • Must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License and provide proof of liability insurance.
  • Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Must meet all requirements for a Community Supervision officer.
  • Experience in the supervision of staff preferred, not limited to probation field.


  • Ability to make rational, justifiable decisions.
  • Knowledge of skills employed in supervising techniques for organizing and coordinating work responsibilities and tasks.
  • Have the ability to utilize a personal computer, general office equipment.
  • Be able to work independently and efficiently.
  • Competent in interpersonal skills.  Possess skills to effectively communicate in writing and orally.
  • Must have the ability to physically be present at work on a regular basis during assigned work hours.  Strong attendance is required.
  • Must have the ability to deal with high stress situations and the physical ability to conduct all phases of the responsibilities and tasks.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, offenders and the general public.
  • Must have demonstrated attitude of being a team player, and a desire to perform job standards including spontaneous assignments are to be maintained.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the techniques and principles of low moderate to high risk supervision of offenders, MHMR, ISF, BIPP
  • Comprehensive knowledge of best practices in the area of offender rehabilitation programs and supervision.
  • Ability to plan, develop, and evaluate services for quality and effectiveness in a rehabilitation unit.
  • Ability to assign, direct and evaluate the work of supervision officers assigned to special programs unit.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain documentation of services, treatment records, and reports.